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September Members' Show


Reunion Group Show by 

Corridor 2122 Members

September 1  – September 25, 2022

Gallery open Saturdays-Sundays, 12-4 PM


Opening ArtHop Reception: Thursday, September 1, 

5 – 8 PM

Join us in September for the Corridor 2122 Gallery Members' Show.

This multidisciplinary group exhibition features works chosen by the individual artists, including:

Leslie Patterson Batty

Aimee Dent

Stephen Dent

Max Hembd

Peter Janzen

Kirtley King

Chris Lopez

Laura Meyer

William Raines


Some of the artists will also be exhibiting at Fresno State and Fresno City College as part of their Faculty Shows.


My work is motivated by my humble wish to nurture life and to flourish. Life Wants Life channels my hopes and fears for the future of our planet. 

Laura Meyer

We need to deal with some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time—the toxification of the earth, resource depletion, climate change—and ask the difficult question, "What can artists do?"

William Raines

Olivia Elizabeth Dent was born to Aimee and Steve Dent on September 15, 2020. Having a child duyring the pandemic posed endless challenges and unique considerations. Our piece represents the family's most recent attempt to document their collaborative efforts needed during these past two years.

Stephen and Aimee Dent


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