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Max Hembd

Member since January 2020


Max Hembd is a multi-instrumentalist and music technologist who embraces interdisciplinary approaches in his work. With BA and MM degrees in Music Performance from UCLA and MM in Music Production from the Berklee College of Music, Max feels most creative at the intersection of analog and digital, valuing each for the unique qualities they bring to his process as a composer, performer, and producer of music.


The newest member of Corridor 2122, Hembd joined in January 2020 and acoustically treated his space to function as a professional recording studio. The final touches were completed just before the initial pandemic shutdown in March 2020, and the space took on a new life than originally intended. Less commercial, more experimental. Less formal, more improvised. With a focus on new techniques for creative expression, Hembd has grown as an artist through his affiliation with Corridor 2122.

Max’s interest in global music traditions and instruments was sparked by an educational exchange trip to China in 2002 and developed within the School of Ethnomusicology at UCLA. Using instruments as a connecting point to culture, Max continues to learn and incorporate the musical traditions of cultures from every continent into his practice. Having collected hundreds of wind, string, and percussion  instruments, Hembd looks for unexpected combinations of sounds that may best express his emotion. His study of music technology spans two decades and significant developments and he regularly incorporates electronics and digital processes in his work.

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