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July 2023 Beneath the Surface Corridor 2122.png

Beneath the Surface
Guest Artists Julie Araujo & 
Katrina Elaine Sanchez Carlock

July 6 – August 3, 2023

Gallery open Saturdays-Sundays, 12 PM – 4 PM


Opening ArtHop Reception:

Thursday, July 6, 5 PM – 8 PM

Closing Reception:

Thursday, August 3, 5 PM - 8 PM

Artists' Statements:


Julie Araujo and Katrina Elaine Sanchez Carlock are recent Fresno State graduates. Their joint show is an exploration of the human body.


Most women can agree that our bodies are picked apart and critiqued daily. These judgments come from men, other women and ourselves.  From top to bottom, women are judged. Breasts are one subject for my focus. The breasts that most of us are exposed to early on are shown in movie scenes, television or magazines, all of which are "perky," symmetrical, and usually not too big or too small. I showcase the vast spectrum of breasts. No two are alike. 

This series is for the women who might be struggling with their own body image, those who don't feel accepted or "normal." I asked women to send their own photo references for this project as I wanted every single participant to be in control of how they are represented. I also believe that this is a very important key to work against the male gaze. I then painted each woman's portrait to best represent them as they are.


The human body is a phenomenal creation and its reproductive organs contribute to the creation of more humans. These organs are viewed in many ways, and these pieces are meant to broaden the mind in how they are viewed, bringing about a new way to view the male and female genitalia without the sexualized component. Here you see sculptures in ceramic form that present an eccentric view of the male phallus along with a naturalized form of the female body, providing the female artist's perspective unlike the historically acclaimed works seen through the ages.

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