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Mission Statement

Corridor 2122 began as an idea of transition—how to obtain studio/work spaces for artists. The exhibition gallery space is an added bonus.


For us, the gallery is an extension of our studio spaces—a place to work out ideas and experiment. We intentionally involve a membership who represent a wide variety of contemporary art-making practices.

This stimulates discussion and the cross-pollination of ideas in the work. We also actively engage guest artists who bring in extended perspectives, training and new concepts from diverse locations to infuse new energy and  art experiences in the valley.

We are happy to be the gallery where people can be challenged by new ideas of what art can be. 

Frame 6.png

Leslie Patterson Batty


Aimee Dent


Stephen Dent


Heather Hubbard

Auto Trans Sedation.png

Chris Lopez

Lovell House.jpg

Peter Janzen

Her Rose Colored Eyes, 2023, Oil on canvas, 5'x4'.jpg

Angel Lesnikowski

The Series of 2025 #1

William Raines

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