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Peter Janzen

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Peter Janzen was born and raised in California. Peter earned his bachelor’s degree in art at the University of California Santa Cruz and a Master’s Degree in Studio Art from the California State University of Fresno. His art education in the University of California system allowed him to study with artist Wayne Thiebaud amongst many other venerated professors. Peter’s oil paintings investigate the mysterious qualities of light and space in mid-century period architectural interiors. In the dramatic light constructions of the work, he explores an underlying tension that seems to inhabit the interiors.


At the same time, the methodical optimism of modernist thought pervades the architectural space to create a precarious balance of anxiety and contemplation. Peter lives and works in Central California and is a professor of art at Fresno City College. He has exhibited throughout California, most recently in 2019 at Gallery 1821 in Fresno.

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