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Vultures, 2023, Oil on canvas, 36x36in.jpg

Angel Lesnikowski

Member since January 2024


Angel is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work depicts death, war, and the female gaze as a rhetoric of resistance. She is a member of the CSU Summer Arts Community Board, a Curatorial Intern for the Fresno Art Museum, a member of The Council of 100, and the previous owner and cofounder of Paper Crane Gallery in Fresno, California. 

Angel works as an artist in the Central Valley, California. She has completed two art intensives through CSU Summer Arts, was awarded the Lund Scholarship, and studied with the Art & Empire course in London winter of 2022-2023. She is currently working towards her MA in art at California State University, Fresno. 

She shows her work once a month for Fresno’s Arthop, in Broadway studios, in a gallery-viewing setting, and has done so since 2018. She has shown most of her works in the Central Valley and Bay area since 2016.

Angel Lesnikowski


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