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Printmaking Group Show featuring

Ross Mazzupappa, Christina Humble Mazzupappa, Andrew Mullally and Sarah Whorf

June 2  – July 2, 2022

ArtHop Reception: Thursday, June 2, 5 – 8 PM

with Fresno State’s “Print & Glory” Student Print Club with Live Printing of visiting artists' and student artists' prints.

Closing Reception: Saturday, July 2, 10 - 12 PM

Meet the Artists

This is the 6th Printmaking Exhibit curated by Matthew S. Hopson-Walker for Corridor 2122 Gallery.


Each year, the show creates a testament to the variety of expressions available to the print medias, as well as the diversity of artists and the methodologies they employ to create their work.


Some years, the work speaks directly to each other thematically, other years the work displays distinctly different approaches, such as abstract versus figurative, conceptual versus narrative, etc.

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