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Marc Rogers


Invitational art exhibition curated by Rick Soto

“Let me explain!” A prolific visual stream of consciousness

October 6  – 23, 2022

Gallery open Saturdays-Sundays, 12-4 PM


Opening ArtHop Reception: Thursday, October 6, 

5 – 8 PM

During Covid lockdown, Fresno native and multi-discipline artist, Marc Rogers, touched on subjects that

are compelling, rebellious, and taboo. Each visual shown includes his thought process. Therefore, we

avoid the age-old question, “I wonder what the artist was thinking.”


About the works: A collection of collages were created during the months of Covid isolation. During this

sequestered time, Marc produced close to 1,000 images. His visual subjects touch on a wide variety of

topics: self-portraits, capitalism, hypocrisy and all shades of the world condition. As the collages were

produced, each piece was photographed in rapid succession–creating up to 15 pieces per day.

“I felt like I was working in a stream of consciousness–being pushed to explore. A magic moment of

cosmic mojo. Blessed by the angels during my cancer recovery.”


It's a small-small world: Marc graduated from Fresno High School and attended Fresno City College–

until he decided to see the world. For 3.5 years, Marc continually traveled across the globe.

“I began to learn about life, people of the world, my own country and myself. Marc continues by saying,

“I traveled from the United Kingdom Islands to France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Africa, Iran,

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Morocco, Greece and finally to India. What I found was a common thread

that connects all of us. We all want the same things: provide for our children, respect as human beings

and freedom from a political regime”. However, there is no place like home, Fresno.

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