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Future Math

Guest Artist Thomas Spears

February 1 through February 25, 2024


Opening ArtHop Reception:

Thursday, February 1, 5 PM — 8 PM

In this series of work I am exploring relationships between discovery and permanence. The work materially is concrete, house paint, photocopy transfers, and other mixed media.


The title of the show, Future Math, came about after hearing a children’s riddle, “what was the tallest mountain on earth before Mt. Everest was discovered?” The answer is that Mt. Everest was always the tallest mountain on earth even before it was discovered, or, I would add measured and compared to all of the other contenders. Just because it wasn’t discovered yet didn’t make it not the tallest mountain on earth. The idea is that there is this structure and order, even before it’s discovered to categorize it already exists. Whatever something like a future math would look like to us is something that is already there.

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